Hard Flooring Installation Wellington & Manawatu

We are your local hard floor experts offering a wide range of wooden and laminate flooring solutions to homes around Wellington. From robust wooden flooring to cost effective wood style laminates, we will recommend the perfect solution for your home and budget.

We have a range of styles to suit your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or any other room in your home. We also offeer a range of 100% waterproof hybrid flooring styles to your kitchen, bathroom and laundry. 

If you are looking for expert hard flooring installation anywhere in Wellington or Manawatu, you can trust the friendly team at Flooring Court. Call to arrange a free in-home consultation, or let one of our mobile flooring experts come out to you and provide a written quote.

Choose the best hard flooring for your home

There are a wide range of colours and styles depending on what you are looking for from your home or office flooring. Each of the many hard flooring solutions have different benefits for different styles of property.

This is why our expert flooring consultants will come to your home free of charge to discuss your needs and the many options available through Floor Court Porirua or Levin.

Here is some information to help you understand the best choice for your home, or call our friendly team today for a free in-home consultation.

Wooden or Laminate Flooring?

One of the most common questions we receive, is if natural wood, or man made laminates are the best option for a home. This will often depend on the style of the property and available budget for materials and installation.

We have compiled a quick guide to some of the considerations when planning your new hard floor.

If you are still on the fence, book your free in home consultation with one of our trained flooring consultants today!

Benefits or Timber Flooring / Engineered Timber

Wood Flooring provides a traditional long wearing flooring material which will stand the test of time. 

Our quality timber flooring is available in a range of wood types and stains, providing flexibility in the finished look and style of you floor.

Wooden floors wear extremely well and can be cut back and polished numerous times over it’s lifetime to provide a flooring solution which ages with the home. This additional longevity comes with a higher initial cost, both in material as well as installation. It is important to install wooden floors correctly, as correct installation now will save you having to re-do this for a second time a few years later.

Benefits of Laminate or Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl and Laminate Flooring provides a cost effective hard flooring solution which can look almost identical to natural wood options. Being man-made, laminates come in a wide range of patterns and styles to suit both older, as well as modern homes. 

Vinyl and laminates are often found in areas with high level of moisture is expected such as kitchens or laundrys. This type of flooring repels moisture much better than wood and creates a tighter seal due to a lack of natural imperfections between the boards.

The only real downsides of laminate flooring types is that they may not handle heavy loads as well and can be perforated or cut. Some darker colours can also fade over time worse than their wooden counterparts.

Still not sure?

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