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We are your local expert carpet installers with a wide range of styles and colours to suit any home. For individual rooms through to replacement of all the carpet in your house, we can provide the perfect carpet installation service for your home, office or garage.

If you are looking for expert carpet installation anywhere in Wellington or the Manawatu, you can trust the friendly local team at Flooring Court. With mobile consultants and branches in Porirua and Levin, we can help you select the perfect carpet for any room in your home.

Choosing the best style of carpet for your home

There are a wide range of styles and lengths depending on what you are looking for from your home or office flooring. When selecting carpet it is important to understand the benefits and pitfalls of the product your are buying, before you have it installed.

This is why our expert flooring consultants will come to your home free of charge to discuss your needs and the many options available through Floor Court Porirua or Levin.

Here is some information to help you understand the best choice for your home, or call our friendly team today for a free in-home consultation.

Cut Pile or Loop Pile?

Choosing the right type of carpet is important as it can not be changed later on. The two most often discussed are Loop Pile and Cut Pile, however there are also variants such as Level Looped or Ribbed Loop. Different cuts produce a different feeling under foot and are more suited to specific areas of your home.

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What is Loop Pile Carpet?

‘Loop Pile’ refers to the way the carpet strands are woven into the base matting. Loop Pile carpet is woven in a continued loop row by row, resulting in a strong and resilient surface great for hard wearing areas and high foot traffic areas. Loop Pile carpets come with a range of variations between manufacturers which our flooring consultants can help you decide between.

What is Cut Pile Carpet?

‘Cut Pile’ carpet is constructed in a similar way to Loop Pile, but the strands are cut at the top. This produces a softer feeling carpet which is suitable for comfortable spaces such as bedrooms or places where you want that soft luxurious feel under foot. Cut Pile carpets are more popular in modern homes but may not wear as well as Loop Pile carpets.

Is Synthetic or Wool Carpet better?

Modern carpets come in a range of materials. From Wool, fully synthetic, or a blend, there is a range of options available to suit anyone’s budget and styling requirements. 

Wool Carpets offer a warm and luxurious solution underfoot, whereas synthetic solutions (such as polyester or nylon) can provide a higher level of stain resistance and are more resistant to wear. Carpets made from man-made materials are often less expensive than their wool counterparts. 

Talk to our flooring consultants to help select the right material for your home.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon provides a soft and durable carpet which is resistant to staining and fading. Nylon carpets offer good resistance to wear, mildew, mold, and rot; while remaining affordably priced which is why it is the most popular and common of carpet fibers in NZ homes. Nylon Carpets are less expensive than wool, but more expensive than other synthetic materials.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpet, a popular type of synthetic carpet, is soft and colorful. It resists stains, fading, and moisture, making it easy to clean and maintain. While less durable, it is budget-friendly and comes in various styles and colors to suit any decor.

Triexta Carpet

Triexta carpet, made from corn sugar, is a durable, stain-resistant, and soft fiber introduced in 2009. It retains color, resists wear and tear, spills, and stains, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Additionally, it is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Wool Carpet

Wool is a natural, luxurious, long-lasting material. High-quality wool carpets are some of the more expensive options available for residential flooring. Some manufacturers combine wool with synthetic fibers to create a carpet with the benefits of both. 

Pure wool carpet is made with no chemicals or additives, which makes it an excellent choice for for people with allergies. Wool is not a good choice for areas where high humidity and moisture are an issue as it can be prone to damage from mold and mildew.

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